While This Lockdown Last

Where are you now? Maybe the most stupid question nowadays. What are you doing? Getting bored, the cliché reply. But what can we say, we all are getting bored? Some have indulged in cooking, some other binge-watching, while some others with other kinds of stuff. Then there are those innocent students locked with assignments and presentations and online classes. Huh! Too much pressure and work.

This lockdown will always be a souvenir. But don’t waste the time you have. Many times, sitting idle on your cozy sofa or lying inside your blanket might give you a headache, or ease of unhappiness. It’s the sign that you need something, I’m not talking about food, like a hobby or other activities. Don’t include binge-watching as an activity, ‘cause it doesn’t count. Just see around yourself, you have the people who love you the most in the world, your family. Why not spend time with them, instead of ruining your eyes in front of those videos. You used to have a lot of activities as a child, so why are you so bland now? You wished to conquer the world, maybe the deity has listened to you and this is your chance mate. Why don’t start those things you wanted to do for ages?

Let connect with those number who were left behind somewhere in our life. At a certain point, they meant most to you. Take a few steps back, and you would see the whole picture. Even the old TV shows are back, so why can’t your old energetic self be back to life. It’s the time to live all those moments you wanted with your family, so enjoy it while it lasts. But not all of us are equally blessed. There are millions of people who are not able to meet their essential requirements. In this high time, we all should help them, in any way possible. They remain on the vulnerable side of this chaos.

For some of you, this lockdown is going well, and for some, it’s not that good. But one thing that we all might agree is that we are going to miss this period. On the positive end, our earth is having a good vacation. No more pollution, cutting of trees, the noise of the vehicle, and many more. I hope that we all learn something from this, and when this whole lockdown situation is sorted out, we would not fall in the same trap.


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