Comparison of the Top10 Habits between successful and common people In 2020

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”, said shiv Khera. And yes, that holds true, there is not much difference between successful and common people. What matters is their burning desire, attitude, and financial literacy. Let’s get an insight into this topic.

“Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures, it means the attainment of ultimate objectives”. It means Winn the war, not every battle. This is the first difference, how people react to failures. We met people who literally wander through life, they just accept whatever fate bring them in, those are called purposeless life, there are some who constantly show frustration and unhappiness upon failure and yet , there are few, who rise up inspite of all , with a “ never give up attitude” and they are called “successful”.

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What makes one successful, it is nothing other than a goal. A goal can vary from person to person, for some it may be wealth, happiness, peace, spiritual, etc. But what matters, is the execution, how are we performing. We should remember the 5 c’s character, commitment, conviction, courtesy, and courage. When a person decides upon a goal, there comes a desire. Just like a small fire can’t give much heat, so weak desire can’t produce great results, so it should be a burning desire.

When we select upon the work, then comes the “commitment” that keeps up the progress, next follows “conviction”, “I should do it”, and last but not the least “courage”. We should not be afraid of obstacles like fear, financial responsibilities, etc under any circumstances. We should not forget who we are and what is our purpose. If we follow the 5 c’s, of course, success comes looking towards us.

“Attitude”, another striking feature, it is the most important and applies to every sphere of life including personal and professional life. The foundation of success, regardless of your  chosen field is attitude. To a positive thinker, attitude can be a stepping stone to success. Let’s take an example. Great organisations are not measured by wages and working conditions, they are measured by feelings, attitudes and relationships. When employees say, “I can’t do it”, there are two possible meanings either they mean, they don’t know how to do or they don’t want to do. And that’s an attitude issues. It goes to each one of us in respective sphere.

Dreams are a dime a dozen, it’s their execution that counts, said Theodore Roosevelt. The next set of rules / values, that comes are persistence, priorities, focus, determination, positive believing, communication skills, TQP total quality people with integrity, wisdom etc. These should go along with burning desire and attitude. If a person doesn’t follow this, he is said to be a common man, and who follows it, can be called as successful. Answer is as simple.

Intelligence is quickness to learn, where as , skill is an ability. The one who shows patience in developing skill, paves the difference. Desire is the attitude that makes a skilled person competent. Ability without the right attitude is wasted . It is said “knowledge is power”, but, according to me, knowledge is information, and becomes a potential power when acted upon it.

A fatalistic attitude prevents people from accepting responsibility for their circumstances. They accept the predestined future and written in their horoscope   or stars. They believe that regardless of their effort, they wait for things to happen rather than making it happen. Another is “Instant gratification”, when one does it , one never thinks of consequences, only of momentary pleasures.

When one thinks short term, not long term, it is a limited vision. With limited vision, you will never see any worthwhile goal and that’s the reason, they remain common. While successful people believe in the recipe named hard work comes from confidence, preparation, and practice.

Have we ever wandered , why some people inspite of all the above said qualities struggle. That’s because of financial literacy is crucial to one self . We should think that money should work for us. One should focus on asset column that builds money, rather than liabilities that takes away money. One should invest in education as much as possible, one should learn the basics attributes like how to handle money and lead a disciplined life.

Common people are not common, in amount of money, but with thoughts and actions, paves a difference. Financial education is as important as personality and technical skill.

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