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Life At Delhi University

Your heart might be full of excitement. The old school is now far left behind and a new beginning is coming. No more boring school dress, fewer restrictions and for some of you even a change of place to begin your new college life. Your mind has a lot of questions and answers are a few months away. Maybe not. Maybe you can here find the answers you’re looking for. 

At the start, those of you had a good friend gang in your school, are gonna miss them like hell. Some of you will deal with it quickly and some might take some time. A suggestion is to mix with your mates as soon as possible. Be a lion and don’t shy to express your true nature. 

DU has two campuses, North and South. The north having the most popular and top-ranked colleges is the first preference of most of the students. But getting admission to these top colleges is not so easy. They go as high as 99%. So pull up your socks. Don’t underestimate South campus either. Some of its top colleges compete with North campus top colleges. And South Delhi is an area for fun activity. So you have a fun campus in south, right. 

Being situated in New Delhi the political powerhouse of India gives an additional edge to it. Traveling in this city from one college to another or one campus to another is not at all hectic. After all, it has the best metro system in entire India. 

At DU societies play a crucial role. Don’t miss them. There are different societies covering different fields, like for theatre, for debate, for photography, for literature and so on. Join them and search for the new you in this new place. But don’t be a driven cattle. You might find a hidden talent in you like mimicry, acting, singing, stand-up, research, content writing and so on. You don’t know what gift that box covers. And the only way to find it is to open it. You can also start youtube while studying

Now coming to academics, the important part may be not as per many of you. DU has highly qualified professors with a quality experience. Many colleges have assigned marks to attendance so better maintain your attendance. Having attended above 66.67% is a must. Don’t get too lost in bunking that you lose this number also. The syllabus for each course is up to date. 

How one can forget the most important thing about DU, it’s fest. The fest season starts from mid-January. It’s the party month for all DU students. Life at DU is full of fun and study. Just maintain a balance and you’ll excel in most parts of your life. Wish you good luck with your new college life.

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