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Enactus Miranda House Overview

Enactus Miranda House was started in 2011 with the aim of establishing a platform where students had the opportunity to understand the problems existing in the society at the grassroots level. It is a local chapter of the international organization, which works towards helping in the upliftment of our communities and provide them with opportunities for better living standards by turning them into entrepreneurs. It had 6 projects under it’s banner with 3 active projects.

List of All 6 projects:

  • Project Tarang
  • Project Daryaft
  • Project Jazba
  • Project Ikhtiyaar
  • Project Zaffran
  • Project Dhreya

Enactus Miranda House Core Team 2020-21

Projects undertaken by the Enactus Society of Miranda House previously:

  • Project Tarang –
  • Project Tarang stareted in 2012 with a mission to create wealth out of waste through enriching the existing skills of the community which presently is sewing skills of the economically dependent womem. It not only helps in enhancing the livelihood of women by inculcating entrepreneurial skill but also helps to maintain a healthy environment by using the scrap cloth from various boutiques and factory outlets. This raw material helps in the production of various products like scarves, bags, wallets, baskets, etc. that are then sold at local retail shops.

    Encouraged by their success from the existing model of stitching and sewing, they have embarked upon beginning a new chapter of Tarang. They plan to introduce production of sleeping bags from plastic yarns made out of waste plastic bottles. They organised a bottle collection campaign wherein they have collected 2000 plastic bottles and plastic bags and  plan to use those in the production of sleeping bags. In sync with the waste management motto of Tarang, they hope this new chapter becomes as successful as the previous one.

  • Project Daryaft

    Initiated in December 2015, inspired to safeguard India’s rich heritage, Daryaft aims to integrate revival of Heritage Tourism with its conservation, initiating the rejuvenation of the audience’s interest, by creating new avenues of progress in the fields of education, tourism services, unemployment through novel entrepreneurial innovations. It involves the official training of entrepreneurs of Salaam Baalak Trust to conduct heritage walks as they are the most efficient ways of making the citizens aware of the importance of their culture and historical environment . Apart from outdoor tourism, project also focuses on indoor or virtual tourism during the off-season months, which also cut down the traveling cost.

  • Project Jazba – Project Jazba started in 2016 in collaboration with the NGO Chhanv, is an initiative to uplift and restore the identities of acid attack survivors. Working with the survivor. Under this project, the survivor is being trained in beautician courses at the Shahnaz Husain Beauty Institute. It intend to open a salon run and managed by the acid attack survivors themselves. Bending traditional norms of female beauty through entrepreneurial action is a powerful tactic to change the mindset of people.

Current Ongoing Miranda House Projects:

  • Project Ikhtiyaar – It aims to produce manure using water hyacinths an invasive weed extracted from River Yammuna that reduces Oxygen Supply to aquatic biodiversity in the river.
  • Project Zaffran – Project Zaffran dates back to 2013 where it was launched with an undying spirit of upliftment of our women community in Bhati Kalan to pave way for a sustainable business model for supplying organic spices.
  • Project Dhreya – Project Dhreya aims at efficient usage of crop waste by making biomass briquettes. Project aims to empower the Mehalana community by providing them with the appropriate skills to produce and sell biomass briquettes while reducing their carbon footprints.

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