Meet Enactus KNC Spectacular Team of 2020

Enactus Overview

Enactus is a worldwide organization that aims at creating student social entrepreneurs. It has different chapters in different colleges all over the world in the form of a college club/society. These students come together to bring about a change in society. So, they make scaleable and sustainable business models that create entrepreneurs in society.

ENACTUS is all about social work for underprivileged people at the same time creating social entrepreneurship. It means making the entrepreneur out of the underprivileged people. It refers to making business plans and creating entrepreneurs.

ENACTUS as a club or society is present in different colleges and schools where students work for the betterment of poor and underprivileged people. Every year the students show their hard work and based on their creativity, action plan, ideas, business plans, social impacts, and entrepreneurial skills, they are selected, and out of them only one team wins National Competition and represents their country in the World Cup.

Meet Enactus KNC (Kamala Nehru College) Council 2020


  1. Project Kadam – Kadam was launched with the impetus to help the cobbler community, who fall under the most pauperized sections of the Indian society, with their meagre to almost no income on the daily basis.
    Kadam, as unique as it is, also fulfils the objective of sustainability through recycling discarded denim in probably one of the most meaningful ways as denim is a soil coagulant which is highly degrading for the environment.
    Also, taking into consideration this all male occupation, the discarded denim was converted into tailored pouches by women tailors, thus making denim act as a gender equalizer.

    Today, with a firm motive to support as many cobblers and tailors, Enactus KNC set it’s goals higher to deliver the best we can. Kadam, just like its very name, has laid foundations to function as the stepping stones to a better lifestyle for the downtrodden communities.

  2. Project Samarth – People with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) face problems with communication and behaviour, they have trouble learning and understanding what other people think and feel, making it harder for them to express themselves.
    But if their skills are channelised in the right way, it can lead to really productive results, making them independent and self-reliant. They might have trouble communicating but they are unusually good at art, music, math, memory and creative work.
    Enactus KNC see this potential and want the world to realise it too. Hence, we are coming up with our new project ‘Samarth’ to work with this community and help them find their place in the society, a place full of love, respect and acceptance.
ASAR, the Entrepreneurship Cell of KNC works under Enactus and undertakes social entrepreneurial projects for the upliftment of the society.

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