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Enactus Overview

Enactus is a worldwide organization that aims at creating student social entrepreneurs. It has different chapters in different colleges all over the world in the form of a college club/society. These students come together to bring about a change in society. So, they make scaleable and sustainable business models that create entrepreneurs in society.

ENACTUS is all about social work for underprivileged people at the same time creating social entrepreneurship. It means making the entrepreneur out of the underprivileged people. It refers to making business plans and creating entrepreneurs.

ENACTUS as a club or society is present in different colleges and schools where students work for the betterment of poor and underprivileged people. Every year the students show their hard work and based on their creativity, action plan, ideas, business plans, social impacts, and entrepreneurial skills, they are selected, and out of them only one team wins National Competition and represents their country in the World Cup.

Enactus JMC (Jesus and Mary College)

Enactus JMC is part of this Organization and it is currently working on three projects under its banner. Project Dhara, Iffat & Sugam.

  • Project DharaProject Dhara aims to support and uplift underprivileged women by making them produce manure so that they can sell them and distribute the profit among them.
  • Project Iffat – Under this venture, they have employed HIV and Aids affected and infected women to recycle leftover soaps of hotels so that waste could be reduced. The new soap bars are sold at minimal costs in slums to solve the problem of sanitation and the money earned is used to keep their beneficiaries financially secure.

Core Team Enactus JMC (Jesus and Mary College) of 2020-21

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