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Enactus Gargi Overview

Gargi College is a premier institution for women imparting knowledge in the fields of science, arts, and commerce since 1967. It has been awarded grade ‘A’ by NAAC for the year 2019-20.
Enactus Gargi is a member branch of the International Non-Profit Organisation, ‘Enactus’, and the social entrepreneurship society of the college. It has undertaken several path-breaking projects like Project Aagah,
Project Neev and Project Rachna.

Recently, Project Vikas became Enactus Gargi winning entry under the ‘Best Collaborative Ideas’ category in the ‘Enactus Cares: Ideas for Impact’ Competition which was a PAN-India competition and witnessed participation from over 100 teams.

The endeavor of this project is to develop a one-stop portal harboring information relating to new industry trends, internship/ job openings, opportunities for vocational training and career-building, for young adults, students pursuing higher education and the educated unemployed. Through these resources, it intends to help the target communities overcome mental and intellectual blocks.

Project Vikas Overview

Project Vikas intends to create an information portal through which we aim to bridge the gap between our target communities i.e. people rendered unemployed during and post Covid-19 and the prospective recruiters. It seeks to incorporate various resources to equip young adults with the vital skills required for their personal and professional development.

Project Vikas Aim & USP

To provide a platform where our target communities can find information regarding new job and internship openings, latest industry trends, work-from-home employment opportunities, and relevant vocational/technical skill-building courses all on one platform.
Project Vikas is:
•Scalable, because the problem of lack of vocational awareness and unemployment is PAN India.
•Feasible, because the medium is digital and thus location and distance cease to be a barrier.
•Sustainable, because even if we impact one person who is able to learn a skill and earn his/her living from that, then we have been able to make self- sustaining and financially independent community.

Impact of Project Vikas

Project Vikas will have an immense social, economic, and environmental impact.

  • Social Impact: Project Vikas aims to impact society by catering to unemployment and lack of education. The idea focuses on providing free soft-skill courses and techniques. The nucleus of the idea revolves around being able to help people whose internships were revoked; who lost jobs etc, thus, the platform will update all the users about potential job opportunities. Indirect job opportunities to web app developers, teachers, etc will also be offered thereby providing them a decent living.
  • Economic Impact: E-learning is gradually replacing traditional education and producing a higher level of online-educated students who can potentially result in an economic boom. Opportunities for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and economic development are among those variables that have influenced the online learning process. The project will help in the development of human resources which will eventually help in flourishing the economy.
  • Environmental Impact: The usage of a digital platform, as well as E-Feedback forms, will significantly cut on paper wastage from our side. The absence of a distance gap will reduce air as well as noise pollution as the targeted community will not have to travel to multiple locations thereby cutting the usage of fuel and transport. The absence of a mediator facilitates a one-stop online destination for accessing information. This makes our project sustainable and environment friendly.

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