What & How to Write Blogs for Notebook Nation

Before Talking about what & how to write blogs for Notebook Nation, Let us understand what is a Blog? A blog is a regular update of a web page or a website in an informal or conversational Style.

A blog is like a journal or a diary of your thoughts and views on the internet. So, Blog lets you share ideas across the globe.

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Defination of Blogging

Blogging is a collection of skills that one needs to run and supervise a blog. This entails equipping a web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

Why Blogging is important these days?

Well, the best answer to this would be that it is the best way to promote your ideas or any event. Writing a blog is something that helps to express you to the world. So, It is also done to enhance your inbound marketing efforts. No one can ever emphasize on the importance of blogging enough! The Internet is the most popular and easy source of spreading information to all age groups in very little time and effort.

Due to the increase of data around the world by two folds in recent times and running a business online. Businesses need to have a good presence in the online market. They need freelancers, content writers for their daily dose of current happening in the online market. this factor has increased the demand of blogging across the globe.

Important Benefits of Blogging

you can start blogging as a career option because of the important benefit that it includes:

  • It helps you to connect with your family and friends, people around you, and also in learning what’s going around you.
  • Helps in developing and maintaining better customer relationships both with existing and potential customers.
  • It also helps in creating opportunities for sharing and connecting people around you.
  • Helps in making a foundation for all your social media platforms. People nowadays are very active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Post your articles and add them to your social media account to have grown around your followers and others on social media.
  • Helps in making a foundation for all your social media platforms.

How to Get Your Blogs Published on Notebook Nation

For Writing blogs for Notebook Nation, Click Here To Register yourself. Publishing your blog is subject to your content which depends on how recent your blog is. Have you followed the guidelines for writing blogs on Notebook Nation.

You can share your college stories, recent news related to your surrounding or college/society. Any topics, related to a job opening or any new certification course that you came across.

You can mail on – [email protected]

Share it with us! Notebook Nation will give you a platform to share and enhance your skills as a potential author. Embark on this journey to motivate and inspire the student community with your experiences and become a part of the team.

Who can Write for Us?

Anyone who has a knack for writing. As long as your post is an asset to the student community, it is good to go.

What can you write?

Some ideas to start with, but you are not limited to this:

  • Your Experience from college life, interviews, your personal story to success.
  • Internship experience, placement experience
  • Experience or knowledge about a particular Exam. Eg. – CAT, Engineering
  • Insights about the Industry.
  • Tips& Opinions on Industry matters
  • Miscellaneous articles and reports about technology, marketing, finance, and so on.

What you Will Gain?

Become a published author on our website, it is a valuable addition to your resume. Help out fellow students and become a regular author. Make a mark on fellow students and create an identity, a brand for yourself.

Some Rules to Follow:

Notebook Nation is an open platform for you to showcase your skill. However, there are some basic rules which will help you and us to spread your word better.

  • Plagiarism is unacceptable.
  • The Use of infographics is appreciated.
  • The article should be proofread to avoid most grammatical errors.
  • The content should be written solely for Notebook Nation, it can be shared everywhere, but it should not be published on any other website
  • Try to write in Articles Active Voice; use passive voice to the minimum extent.
  • Use maximum use of transition words like ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ They show your reader the relationship between phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs.
  • Try to use paragraphs, points, sub-heading, and short sentences where ever possible in your writing piece. So, It makes the reader easy to read.

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