Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Taking Away Our Job Opportunities in 2020

Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives and it has both advantages and disadvantages. We are going to see how it is taking our jobs and opportunities from us.

AI is created for humans, and can’t exist without humans. Hence, the sole existence for the survival of AI today is Humans. The intergovernmental organization for economic cooperation and development recently released a report on the topic named the risk of automation in jobs for OECD countries, which applies a different work occupation methodology, which puts the share of the job risk to computerization at nine percent.

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The Brooklyn Institute of Technology has released a study on how AI impacted the jobs and they had founded that better educators, better-paid workers along with production, and manufacturing workers are the ones most affected. It’s obvious that AI may make the task simpler but by making more task efficient, we are actually reducing the number of workers and hence, unemployment comes. The existing technologies get disrupted by new technologies and humans are facing unemployment through no fault of their own. we are creating AI for all small things. For example, at the airport, why is the employment rate decreasing in the airport.

It’s a cause of facial recognition system when all humans could do it and here is another interesting factor that AI is programmed only to identify faces but can’t optimize the hair colour, colour of the skin, gender unless it’s programmed to do so. For that, we again need to give some data, algorithms to make it innovative.

Why do we need this, when humans could do it all at once without difficulty. The most susceptible to automation are low-level customer interaction, data-keeping, etc. Debit card, credit card, net banking, will almost be a disappeared cause of automation and very soon we will be using digital currencies like bitcoin, cryptocurrency.

Even scientists have started creating Automation brain. The only difference the human brain is made up of neurone and AI brain is made up of superconducting nanowires so that robots can have our brain superficially. Why are they creating robots to have our brain artificially, Are they going to be a substitute? For people dying from brain cancer. We don’t know the answer yet. Scientists are creating it and we don’t have the exact reason.

Many hotels like Marriott and all are using robots in their hospitality service, thus reducing humans employment.

Let’s take an example that recently happened in the US. Supposedly, you will fill a patent for food container and you hire a programmer to make your calculations, proximity easier and your programmer creates an AI, and he gives AI some data to give more innovations, here what happened is the AI was declared as an inventor, we just gave some data and it returned is solutions. Did it expertise in the original skill of making food containers?the original inventor is human. Why should the robot be named as an inventor?

What qualities should a human have? We should focus on having critical skills, management skills,  judgmental skills cause computers can make only choices but can’t make judgments. Only humans could, it comes from experiences and lessons learned from experiences. By combining these qualities with technologies, we can compete with AI.

Before concluding, I would want to ask some questions to the readers and think upon it.

  • What do we expect in a near-future job-friendly or jobless economy?
  • What career advice would you give to youngsters, when all jobs are taken by AI?
  • Do you want lethal autonomous weapons?
  • Last but not the least, will machine control us or we will control machines?

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