A Laugh That Lasts: One Last Laugh?

It was a bleak Friday afternoon, and after a hectic day at the college, I was returning home on the bus. As usual, I was preoccupied with my thoughts and plans, about what I had to study and the amount of time I had to devote to my assignments. The atmosphere outside was not helping me and I was feeling irritated. Looking around on the bus, I could see everyone’s head buried in their phone. But my eye caught the eye of a baby girl, whose mother was pampering her, and I could hear her cooing and laughing in the sing-song, honeyed voice of hers with no care for the world, and unconsciously I too started giggling. For a moment, I too became a child, where everything in the world seemed lighter and more funnier. All my worries dissipated and I felt inner peace, a calmness suffusing into my blood and making me feel lighter. It was then I wondered, how often did I giggle or laugh, with joy, and just laugh as today is going to be my last day.

I used to be always anxious or worried, like any other student, that I did not think to just sit in peace and observe everything around me or to just relax and laugh, to remain sane. I always thought in the time I could relax; I could read a page or two of the textbooks. 

That day on the bus, it was after ages that I had giggled, smiled in fact. And it was rejuvenating. It was reviving. And most importantly, it was needed. 

In our day to day life, we often are busy with our routine work, always phones in our hands, and always plugged into our earphones. We don’t observe the world outside, we don’t greet people and most importantly we have forgotten to smile, to laugh with our dear and near ones. Haven’t there been situations when you sit and think when was the last time, you truly laughed, without carrying any of your burdens on the head? Haven’t there been situations you look into the mirror and just see your lips pointed downwards and a frown on your face? How long will you be torturing yourself by enduring unwanted anxieties and truly relax? 

When I looked at my old photos and compared them to my latest photos, I could sense the difference between the child and the adult. The childishness, the smile, the laughter was stuck in those old photos, replaced by an adult, serious look in the latest photos, and even the smile in the latest photos had looked forced upon and I could just imagine what was going on in my head. 

Whenever a child conjures up an image of an adult, they think to be an adult means to be serious, to have a stern look on your face that should make sure that everyone around an adult listens to them. But on the contrary, I believe that an adult should learn from a child how to let go of themselves, how to laugh, how to smile, and then understand the magic that lies behind these. 

A peal of laughter can just lift your spirits, it can make your heart feel light, it is a feeling which makes you want to fly in the air. A person who laughs, a person who smiles, they tend to be a little more optimistic towards life and no amount of failures and pressure will pull them down. Each sad moment could be a lesson and a person who laughs and turns the failures into a success is a sight for sore eyes. 

In a situation, where we are cooped up in our homes, with only our near ones around us, and a phone and internet connection, instead of being spiteful for not having our way, the least we can do is use 12 of our muscles, for a smile and 30 of our muscles, for a laugh, and bring joy to our parents, to smile at them, to laugh at the silly old memories that connect you and your loved ones, to recollect those long lost jokes with your friends and most importantly, to keep ourselves happy. 

Let your laughter be a ray of sunshine, that is contagious, that spreads joy and happiness. Let your good laughter be the medicine for those who have lost hope in life. Let your smile set everything 

else right, and most importantly, it should be understood that you should always find a reason to laugh. They may not add years to your life, but will surely add life to your years.

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